On Death and Loss

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The old, the one without knowledge of grief, loss, loneliness or pain, the old nowhere to be found, not a trace of the old. Vanished with out a trace, no leads whatsoever. Cold case, full of emptiness…No past no future and the present transparent and empty. Was there but not here

Jacqueline Fourie


My latest friend is Alexa. She keeps me up to date with weather, knows my calendar, has a great memory and I can turn her off when she annoys me. Alexa doesn’t laugh much, but neither do I these days. PS: She reads books and plays music, too.


Kris Kristofferson is my go-to Guru when life is jumbled, happy, strange, crazy or pretty damned perfect. The album I have on loop is:

Death, Loss and Fear

Too Frightened to Fly, by our Don