Kris, the EU and NON-Sense

Hey, You – EU

We are still in the EU. I get why I just don’t get why it feels like getting out seems more trying to escape from a cult. I’m sure all the players are great people. Collectives always freak me out.

Friend or Fan?

A fellow fan, Carol Roshkind, let me use some of the pics she took over the weekend at the Legends and Outlaws event in Abilene. I don’t know whether I’m more chuffed that she took them, or more thrilled that she let me use. Carol – You rock! Article follows ...

Kristofferson in Abilene 2019

Adsense, No Sense

I’m getting fed up with SSL, Adsense not earning me any money and the weather. There’s something wrong about freezing under blue skies and working my tail off trying to make my passions pay.

I think I might try some Affiliate Advertising. I came across Awin and might give them a try. They seem similar to Adsense, except you can pick your own adverts. No more naked Russian ladies distracting my readers has got to be a good thing.

Mother’s Day is coming, send yours a gift. Free delivery and the (me) site would get a pennies, I’m sure how many but every bit helps.

Mother’s Day UK

We all have mothers. They might or might not be biological, but everybody has at least one.

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