Domestic Violence: Murder by Maniac

Domestic violence is a complex issue and as old as time. It can affect anybody and has no respect for fame, fortune or status. Children who grow up in toxic environments sometimes escape unscathed. Others never recover, and either remain lifelong victims or might themselves become abusers. I do not support the #metoo campaign. Men are the head of the household. They support families and have as many rights as anyone else.

Murder by Maniac

This is for some close friends of mine. They died. Cause? Murder by maniac. Others friends have lost someone in their family due to domestic violence. It’s also for me. I lived with a manic once. These are my running thoughts for anyone who needs to run.

Men Matter

Men matter, very much. I have great male friends and family members and I love and respect them for being the wonderful men they are. They cuss, they are sometimes inappropriate and they leave the toilet seat up. I hope they never change.

What is Abuse?

Thoughts on abuse. Abuse is tricky to box in, hard to define and we all have our own ideas. These are mine.

Running Thoughts

Why do people stay in destructive relationships?

Avoiding Violence

6 ways (at least) to Avoid Violence

Abusive men : Q&A

There are probably at least a hundred men out there for every abusive one. I like men. Here’s my Q&A

Narcissistic personality Disorder

Staying Alive

Practical steps you can take right now to stay alive.